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Our Mission

At Living Word, we have a commitment to helping you realise your full potentials. Our services, as well as a number of our events and activities are designed to build and enhance your relationship with God and with people.

The teachings at Living Word are delivered in a simple, fun and practical way that makes your spiritual journey enjoyable and easy to live out.

Our Story

Living Word international Church was started in December 2002 by Pastor Sesan and his wife Dunni. Starting with 5 adults and 4 children, Living Word has grown into a vibrant and thriving cosmopolitan congregation impacting lives in and around its community. With over 40 nationalities represented, it has become a home for many.

Community Outreach Team

Living Word International Church’s Community Outreach team, led by Deaconess Rhoda, is a team dedicated to helping the community. We regularly visit Care Homes to sing for the elderly and often bring presents, and also engage in fundraising to help the needy. We also work with the prison fellowships organisation, and other Charities to make sure that our church has a positive impact in the community.




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