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Sesan is the Senior Pastor, ably supported by his wife Dunni. They were married in 1993 and are blessed with 4 children, Tobi, Telemi, Toke and Tunse.

Sesan is an ardent Arsenal supporter. In his pastime he enjoys watching movies, especially old movies.

Dunni is an accountant by profession. She has a huge passion for helping children and young people realise their full potential. Dunni enjoys doing home interior decoration and home improvements. She is constantly looking to create and transform a place into better and more welcoming environment.

Yinka is a Pastor  and trustee at Living Word. Yinka and his wife Dele, a Deaconess serve faithfully within the church leadership team. They are blessed with 2 children, Oyin and Seun who are themselves active members of the church.

This is minister Rowena, a member of the church since 2006. She is our prayer team leader. She has 4 children.

This is Minster Christian and his wife Abigail, who has been a member of Living Word since 2005. He and his wife have 2 children and he is the service organiser.

This is Minister Taiwo and his wife Nimi, who have been members of Living Word since 2007. They have 4 Children together and Minister Taiwo is our media team leader.

Jeffrey and his wife have just become new parents of baby Matthew, who is a joy and a great blessing to the family. Jeffrey is a Deacon at Living Word and heads the Men’s Networking Group. Mercy serves within our Hospitality team.

Neville Webster.

Taiwo and his Wife Nicole. Together they have 3 children and Deacon Taiwo is our Duty Service Minister leader.

This is Marcia Brown, Our Head Usher. She is a Deaconness

This is Deaconess Laurice and her Husband T. Deaconess Laurice is head of our contact Team.

This is Deaconess Justina, Our Catering Team leader

This is Deaconess Gillian.

This is Deacon Frank and his wife Gabi.

This is Deacon Lawrence and his wife Lydia. Together they have 3 Children. Deacon Lawrence is one of the DSM leaders.

This is Deaconess Rhoda, she is head of our Community Outreach Team.

This is Deacon Leke Abimbola, one of our church trustees.